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Letterboxing and Geocaching Resources

Hat tip to Silvia at Po Moyemu- In My Opinion for some great Letterboxing and Geochaching resources. She shared: Beginner’s Guide to Geocaching Buxley’s Geocaching Waypoint Geocaching–The Official Global GPS Cache Hunt Site Letterboxing North America If you’ve never participated, Wikipedia offers this description: Geocaching is an outdoor treasure-hunting game in which the...
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I shared resources for the 2007 Iditarod here, but I’m a little late this year since the 1 ,150 mile March 2008 race is already underway. There is still time to share another great resource with you. Iditarod , a blog by Northern Light Media is following the race closely offering some great insight,...
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Civil War Women

The Civil War Women blog offers “Bios and stories about women of the Civil War era, how they lived, what they did to survive, how they fought for women’s rights.” It looks like a great resource to bookmark. I see that the author also has another blog that offers some great resources, History of...
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The American Toy Marble Museum and Blue Santa

I recently learned of The American Toy Marble Museum that is located at Lock 3 Park, Downtown Akron, Ohio. I read about the museum in a post, Of Marbles, Toys and Akron’s Little Blue Santa at a friend's blog .
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The Cloud Appreciation Society now has 10,000 members worldwide and their award-winning website about clouds, is wittily written, easy and fun to navigate, and is an excellent introduction to the subject of clouds for children of any age. While you are there, check out The Cloudspotter’s Guide, a book about clouds from the...
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Kathy Ceceri’s Home Chemistry Blog

National Chemistry Week is October 21-27, 2007 From the website of the American Chemical Society: National Chemistry Week (NCW) is a community-based program of the Office of Community Activities. This annual event unites ACS local section, businesses, schools, and individuals in communicating the importance of chemistry to our quality of life. Start with these...
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Pat Farenga’s New Website

Pat wrote: I’ve started a new blog and a website about my work and interests in education. I’ll be posting materials from my homeschooling seminars and other educational work every week, so be sure to tell your friends, email lists, and other interested parties to check out for unconventional ideas about teaching and...
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Willi Gets a History Lesson in Virginia’s Historic Triangle

Willi Gets a History Lesson in Virginia’s Historic Triangle by Dr. Ellen K. Rudolph The publisher synopsis reads: The book commemorates the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, America’s first permanent English settlement. It tells the story of a small dog who gets lost in Virginia’s Historic Triangle – a region that encompasses Jamestown, Williamsburg, and...
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Homeschool Rangers

Homeschool Rangers: National Park Adventures for Homeschoolers This website created by homeschool Dad, Jon Merriman offers some great resources for enjoying and exploring our National Park System. If you visit the blog you will find: Archeology for Kids LearnNPS NPS Junior Rangers Park Fun Guide (GoZone) WebRangers Visit Homeschool Rangers to learn more about...
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Storynory Free Audio Stories from Prince Bertie the Frog

Prince Bertie the Frog brings you an audio story every week. Each one is read specially for him by his friend Natasha. But Bertie likes to share – so you can hear them too, ABSOLUTELY FREE! Browse our Story Archives and you will find over 75 children’s stories in audio. These include classic fairy...
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  • Class Dismissed: A Film About Learning Outside the Classroom
    An HEM Interview between filmmaker Jeremy Stuart and HEM’s editor, Barb Lundgren, published in HEM’s September-October 2014 issue From home study and kitchen table math, to perpetual recess and park days, Class Dismissed follows the story of an ordinary American family in their quest to educate their children outside the school system. As they struggle […]


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  • Wisconsin Virtual Academy Must Adhere to Public School Requirements
    Wisconsin Virtual Academy Must Adhere to Public School Requirements Over the years, there has been intentional word mixing by some officials in order to draw independent homeschoolers back into the public schools.  Across the board, confusion often reigns as to who or who is not a homeschooler.  It usually lies on the homeschool community’s back […]

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  • Hands On Science Kits
    Hands On Science Kits Tumblehome Learning, helps kids imagine themselves as young scientists or engineers and encourages them to experience science through adventure and self-guided discovery. Exciting mystery Adventure Fun experiments Hands On Science Kits All carefully designed to engage students. Learn more about how to engage and satisfy your kids scientific curiosity GO to […]

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  • Unschooling, what is it?
    Unschooling, what is it? Unschooling, Un schooling what is it? Defining unschooling is a little like describing a color, and every bit as elusive. You can rely on commonly-held descriptions; for example, we generally all agree what blue looks like, but what about cobalt, aqua, navy, cyan, sapphire, azure, indigo, cerulean, turquoise or cornflower? It’s […]