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College help

Sourcebooks College recently sent along the following new books: The Fiske Guide to Colleges 2008, by former New York Times education editor Edward Fiske, is the only guide that combines information about each college’s statistics with quality of life. Named “Best College Guide” by USA Today, The Fiske Guide to Colleges 2008 provides comprehensive...
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Science Toymaker

The Science Toymaker is a fun , non-commercial website that offers plans to make fun, mysterious toys and projects that in turn encourage scientific investigation. The website states: All science toys and projects: are accessible (so cheap to make that nobody is excluded because of cost, and they don’t require special skills, tools, materials,...
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Define-a-thon What is a Define-a-Thon? It’s a new word game sensation based on the book series from the editors of The American Heritage Dictionary. Contestants are given a definition and have to choose the correct answer word from four choices. Why Define-a-Thons? Being able to spell a word doesn’t necessarily mean that you know...
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The Salvadori Center

The Salvadori Center is a not-for-profit educational organization founded by renowned engineer, Dr. Mario Salvadori. In 1976, Dr. Salvadori began working in middle-school classrooms in Harlem, He volunteered to teach a course based on his book, Why Buildings Stand up, to engange them in “real world design” and construction activities. The website tells more...
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Autodidactic Press

Autodidactic Press is a favorite among many homeschoolers. Often, individuals who were homeschooled go on to be life long learners and Autodidactic Press offers a wealth of of information to explore. There site says: Self-education is the essence of genuine learning. Self-education provides the vitality that enables us to turn information into knowledge and...
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CLEP Testing

What is CLEP Testing? CLEP is the College-Level Examination Program. explains it well. They write: About CLEP Shorten your path to a college degree — with CLEP! The College-Level Examination Program® or CLEP provides students of any age with the opportunity to demonstrate college-level achievement through a program of exams in undergraduate college...
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Earth Living Skills School

Kroka Expeditions, a non-profit Earth Living Skills School based out of Newfane VT is announcing an exciting opportunity for High School students seeking alternative ways to be educated. The Vermont-Ecuador Semester: Late August-December 2007 The Vermont Semester: January – June 2008 Imagine, a whole semester of experiential learning in nature. Rivers and mountains, forests,...
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Dewey Decimal System

Dewey Decimal System I have been a frequent visitor of my local library since I was a very young girl. I learned to use the Dewey Decimal System by using our library’s card file system. I loved going through the card file and finding the resources I needed. As they moved all their resources...
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Students practice and learn spelling on Sight, Hearing, and Touch are engaged. The more senses involved, the easier the memorization. Create your own word lists or use any of our hundreds of lists. Reports tell you how much practice occurs and student problem areas. Online testing, and tips for homophones are provided. Students...
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The Webliographer

The Webliographer is a tool designed by former Peabody Learning and Teaching Center developer Jay Pfaffman, now a professor of Computer Science at the University Of Tennessee Knoxville. The University School of Nashville’s “Lower School Webliographer” is possibly the most comprehensive webliographer in Pfaffman’s extensive system, containing anywhere from 900 to 1000 age-appropriate, teacher-screened...
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