The Words That Shook The World Competition and FREE Camp

For Immediate Release from Words that Shook the World

The Words That Shook The World Summer “Fantasy” Camp and 2nd National High School Public Speaking

Words That Shook The World, in cooperation with Lockheed Martin, Sandia

Laboratories, The History Channel and other national sponsors, invite every

high school student in America to participate in a special on-line public

speaking Summer “Fantasy” Camp and compete in the 2nd National High School

Public Speaking Competition. There is no cost to attend the camp or compete

in the speaking competition!

Summer Fantasy Camp Kicks Off and Running

Starting this week, our on-line and conference call public speaking Summer

“Fantasy” Camp will help prepare all high school students for the actual

speech contest. Over six weeks, participation in the camp will make every

student a more compelling communicator and leader, provide speaking

“Secrets” that will make others listen to them and their opinions, give all

beneficial tips as they participate in the competition, and most important,

help them touch, shape and shake our world! In addition, “Issues Briefings”

will cover important issues of the day that are impacting your community and

every school. Prizes, too!

The Competition

It’s almost here again! A student’s chance to become America’s Best High

School Orator and compete for wonderful prizes including a four-year college

scholarship for the first place winner!

Beginning August 27, high school students can write their speeches, record

them and upload them at the Words That Shook The World speech competition

web site. You will find all the details on the competition and prizes on our

web site. Come see the winning speeches from 2006, too. Speeches will be

judged online thousands of high school principals and teachers like you and

business professionals. The 10 best speakers will compete November 24 in

Washington, DC.

So, here’s what we would like for you to do NOW:

  • Go to The Competition Website,
  • Sign up for Summer Fantasy Camp yourself. There is no charge.
  • Alert all high school students and have them reach out to their nephews,nieces, brothers, sisters or friends from church or scout troops or wherever- anywhere there are high school-aged students. Ask them to visit thewebsite and tell them that you would like to have them participate and compete.
  • Have them, all of them, sign up as well.
  • The first Summer “Fantasy” Camp topic is “MY MESSAGE FOR AMERICA – Why______ Should Be The Next President of The United States”. Major radio and TV hosts and Presidential Candidates will be briefing you and your kids during the coming week and the free communication sessions start then as well. The student who delivers the winning speeches, for each candidate, will get to meet that candidate and “shadow” them for a day!!
  • And, in Week 4, even Principals and Teacher get to have their own week to compete.
  • We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this great opportunity.

    Get the word out to your students and start today to be a part of The Words

    That Shook The World public speaking Summer Fantasy Camp and 2nd National

    High School Public Speaking Competition.


    Richard Greene

    (310) 273 5787

    The National High School Public Speaking Competition, Inc. is a

    not-for-profit tax-exempt organization recognized under section 501(c)(3) of

    the Internal Revenue Code and has been designated as a “public charity”

    under section 170(b)(1)(A)(VI) and 509(a)(1) of the Code. The National High

    School Public Speaking Competition, Inc. is a California not-for-profit

    organization whose mission is to seek out, develop and recognize outstanding high school orators.


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