Practical Science for Gardeners

As I’ve been preparing my container gardens for what I hope will be a bountiful year, I’ve also been reading a gardening book that has kept me fascinated this past week, Practical Science for Gardeners.

The title of the book doesn’t do it justice. The following description from The Book Pl@ce sums it up quite well:

“A BORING TITLE maybe but most certainly NOT a boring book. Answering all those questions that can puzzle gardeners on a day to day basis, it is a mine of information for those with an inquiring horticultural mind.

Does companion planting really work? How do shoots always know where the light is? How do plants grow? How does a compost heap break down? Author Mary Pratt answers all these questions and more in easily readable text for both amateur and more advanced gardeners alike. Occasionally quite technical – such as the section on genes and GM, it is always interesting and gives the reader a chance to understand why plants sometimes fail – to germinate, thrive or flower – with the simple use of biological explanations. What seeds require to germinate, why some require different conditions to others, plant classification and the history behind it, soil structure and plant physiology.

The chapter entitled “Muck, Magic and Molecules” I feel would be the best title for this book rather than the staid ‘Practical Science for Gardeners’ and I just hope that the title does not put off prospective readers as it really is a very fascinating little book.” ~ Lucy Watson

I agree Lucy! That would be a more fitting title!

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