Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Education Outreach Program

For Organized Groups and Home Schoolers

The Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC) is located just south of Annapolis in Edgewater, MD. We are one of several research branches of the Smithsonian, and are located on 3,000 acres of land along 14 miles of undeveloped shoreline on the Rhode River. SERC’TMs campus is open to the public Monday-Saturday from 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m. We have two hiking trails, each 1.5 miles long, and a canoe/kayak launching area. SERC is known for its world class research, the longest running CO2 study site, and leading scientific advancements in research of the Chesapeake Bay and around the world.

SERC offers a wide variety of public and group programming. We host over 7,000 school children a year, and are pleased to offer our new Outreach Education Program for organized groups and home school children. To view a listing of our monthly programs, occurring on Saturdays and during the week, you may visit We offer monthly home school programs for two age groups, ages 3-5 (the Osprey), and ages 6-12 (the Herons). In addition, we can also create custom programs for groups including activities ranging from seining with large nets (searching for crabs and fish in the water), canoe excursions, marsh hikes, plankton/microscope programs, and much more.

To learn about SERC, obtain maps/driving directions, information about our trails, or programs please visit Contact Karen McDonald, the Education Outreach Coordinator to reserve spaces in our monthly programs, or schedule a group program, by calling (443) 482-2300

—Mary Nix

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