Earth Day is April 22nd

HEM Guide To Resource’s guest editors, Tracy Merritt, sent some great Earth Day tips and resources along to share here at the blog. (Tracy is very busy these days helping her daughters care for the and ducklings that have come to live with them.

Here are some of the great resources and tips she sent along:

We use a power strip (Surge Suppressor) near the “entertainment center” for the electronics – so that switching it to off cuts everything connected off.

I must say it wasn’t my example, my oldest started doing this for their main electronics in their room so as any good homeschool parent, I have to follow their good habits. <g>

To save energy, we had already filled our lights with energy saving florescent (other then the chicks who need heat and florescent lights don’t give off much heat) and tried to get unused things off. I have read all kinds of energy is being drained where we don’t even imagine. When products are on “standby” they suck an incredible amount most people wouldn’t think about when they are scratching their heads wondering why the electricity bill is so high.

I learned a lot about time of day peak energy after questioning our local Electric company. I’ would bet a lot of people would like to know to check what peak time cost is in their area. Help the earth and save money too.-

BTW our peak hours cost up to 7 times more – 33.10 in the summer versus 4.91 per kWh off peak – peak days are Monday through Friday – holidays excluded -From mid-April to mid October peak hours are 1pm to 6pm

Instead of using high amounts of energy during peak energy hours, we try to wait till the off hours.

The water heater uses the most when refilling and heating so we try to hold off on taking baths, washing dishes, and washing clothes or get them done an hour or so before the peak hours start so the water heater has time during the cheaper hours to heat the water up.

There are other programs that the electric companies have that help save energy and money but I’m just suggesting things that can help target unneccessary energy loss and expense.

Here’s a couple of links to websites with helpful tips.

Tracy also sent the following info about solar power:

This blog explains solar power and offers information from the author as to why he chose solar over wind power when deciding alternative energy

And more links solar power links:

And the link at National Geographic

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