Wizard Spell

I often receive requests from different publishers to share their product or review it. I do so with the disclaimer that every product offers different benefits and a family should really pick and choose what does and doesn’t work for them.  I also always like to add that your local library and the great outdoors offer almost all you will need. Add today’s Internet and the possibilities for learning are endless.

Still, families often want to know what’s available for math, writing, reading, history, science and all the other academic  subjects. I still hold to the above theory of living and a library card being enough, but there are companies that contact us with their products. Wizardspell.com recently wrote and offered me a membership so that I could sign in and explore their site.  They offer word lists, homophone tips, testing and reports for spelling.  I don’t have any children around to test it, but I played with  it and found it held my interest.  Again, I suggest before purchasing any product, it is good to explore it and see if it might be a good fit.  Wizard Spell is online and they charge a small monthly fee, so it would be an easy and inexpensive spelling program to experiment with.


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