Attachment Parenting International’s Anniverary

I got an email from Janet Jendron of Attachment Parenting International, telling about API’s upcoming 15th anniversary celebration in Nashville August 29 – 30. This is relevant for homeschoolers, because so many people come to homeschooling as an outgrowth of attachment parenting. From Janet’s email:

We just got Vince Gill and his daughter Jenny performing at our benefit at the 3rd and Lindsley Cafe on Saturday night, August 30th. They’re joining Gary Nicholson and son Luke, Beth Nielson Chapman and son Ernest.

This is a really incredible opportunity. Besides the benefit performance, we have some awesome other events. We have a “Think Tank” panel discussion on Saturday August 30th at Belmont University, which includes (to date) the following experts:

  • Dr. William and Martha Sears, pediatrician, RN & authors
  • Dr. Stephen Bavolek, creator of The Nurturing Parent Program
  • Mary Ann Cahill, La Leche League International founder
  • Dr. Isabelle Fox, clinical psychologist and author
  • Dr. James McKenna, anthropologist and Director of the Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Lab at the University of Notre Dame
  • Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker, API founders

Moderated by Lu Hanessian, former NBC anchor.

Events of interest on Sunday, August 30:

  • 3:00 pm Family Concert – Roger Day
  • 11:30 am special session with Dr. Isabelle Fox on the topic of AP, separation and custody.
  • Register and purchase tickets on the API website. Sounds like lots of great ideas will be shared that relate to nurturing children and close family relationships – perfect for homeschoolers!

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