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Education – compulsory schooling, compulsory learning – is a tyranny and a crime against the human mind and spirit. Let all those escape it who can, any way they can. -John Holt

When given the opportunity to break free from compulsory learning, older homeschooled children have the wonderful opportunity to follow their interests and passions. They can get the much needed rest their growing bodies need and enjoy the time to explore the world around them. Some go to college early, others travel, work or shadow others to see if they might be interested in pursuing a particular career path.

They are ready to learn, able to find resources, but most of all, when trusted they soar. Here are some HEM articles and other resources on older kids.

An Argument Between Friends: Compulsory Education vs. Unschooling – Shay Seaborne

While I was out of the compulsory education system for two years as a teen, I traveled in South America, learned how to samba and speak some Portuguese, made enough money to buy a boat, polished my sailing skills, wrote poetry and read gobs of books. I learned how to train horses through reading books and putting that knowledge into action. A friend taught me how to play basketball and carve wood. I taught myself how to snorkel and spearfish, read Euell Gibbons and applied that knowledge in the field. I also studied marine biology, oceanography and organic farming. I learned all of this because I wanted to, and because I had the ‘luxury’ of free time to pursue my interests as they arose.

Preparing Your Teen for His First Job – Carol J. Alexander

So give it some thought when your child is about 12 years old. What academic, social or practical life skills does he need to develop? Steer him in that direction; provide the opportunities for him to learn. Live such that, in your home education, life is preparation.

The Challenge of Older Children – Eileen Yoder

Now our children are older, and the drive to develop into adult human beings continues its work. Our kids want to expand their knowledge base, their experience of the wider world. They seek physical challenges which stretch their new, bigger bodies. They want to find out what they can do, and they want to do things they see adults do. They have become aware of the world and want to find ways they can move about in it as adults do. They want to know people from the wider world as well as their families and close friends.

Helping Your Child with Career Planning – Susan M Johnston

Face-to-face conversations will provide the broad view of a career. More helpful in gaining insight into actual job duties is job shadowing, a day of following a career professional as he or she goes about daily tasks. This is the inspiration for “Take Our Daughters to Work Day,” a national day of job shadowing for young women. Of course, job shadowing is beneficial to all young people regardless of gender since it allows an inside look at the actual work of careers.

Interview with Grace Llewellyn: Champion of the Unschooled – Neysa C.M. Jensen

Before the school year ended, I had several chapters of The Teenage Liberation Handbook written. I had saved almost enough money to live on, frugally, for a year, and I knew that what I wanted-needed-to do was write that book. I wanted my own former students-and all of the other teenagers I didn’t know-to realize that there was a whole other way to spend adolescence.

I moved to Eugene, Oregon in June of 1990 and spent the summer living in a student co-op with 25 other people. That was my vacation, my decompression. I sent out questionnaires to hundreds of unschoolers around the country, and while I waited for them to come back I went swimming, blackberry picking, danced and drummed on the roof all night, kicked up my heels and let down my hair, recovered from the seriousness and grown-up-ness of being a teacher.

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Other Resources

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