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Do you have questions about unschooling like:

• How can we understand what it means to unschool?
• Why has unschooling become such a popular option?
• Does unschooling really work, and can it work for us?
• How do unschoolers deal with laws in their state?
• Where can we find learning materials and resources?
• How can we find unschooling families in our area?
• What should we tell our doubting friends and relatives?

If you're curious about the buzz over unschooling, you're already on the right track!

This helpful and informative package will help you learn more about unschooling, what it offers, how it works for other families, and whether or not it can work for yours.

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Unschooling Pack

The package includes:

The Unschooling Handbook How to Use the Whole World As Your Child's Classroom, by Mary Griffith


• HEM's popular Unschooling Back Issue Pack
- Three back issues focusing on unschooling. HEM's back issues never go out of date; they're always top-notch reading! ~homeschool mom

• A six month subscription to Home Education Magazine
- Parents' Choice Recommended Award, selected by Forbes Magazine as one of the best homeschooling resources, widely acclaimed for perspective, balance and unswerving quality.

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HEM's Unschooling Package
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Unschooling Pack