How Does Homeschooling Work?

howstuffworksThat’s the question posed at the popular How Stuff Works site, which provides easy-to-understand questions to some of life’s most puzzling complexities. The answer to ‘How does homeschooling work?’ is an interesting one for anyone interested in the topic, whether they might be a longtime homeschooling veteran or just looking into the option:

If you have never done anything with “homeschooling,” this is an extremely interesting question! Homeschooling can seem very mysterious. How can you learn anything if there is not a professional teacher standing in front of you presenting the material? Most people are so familiar with that scenario in the U.S. that it seems impossible for there to be any other way.

Here’s a funny thing about education — it comes in all shapes and sizes. When you get curious about something and come to a place like How Stuff Works to learn about it, you are participating in a form of homeschooling. This is sometimes called interest-motivated education or self-motivated education. You get interested in something for whatever reason, that interest motivates you to learn about it, and you do learn about it by doing your own research.

That’s just the beginning of the answer at How Stuff Works – check out the rest of their good response at this link!

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