Field Guide to Homeschoolers

250px-FieldguideI always enjoy reading Dana Hanley’s Principled Discovery blog; she’s a good writer and her posts often make me think, or even better, question an assumption. One of my favorite entries is from last June when she hosted the Carnival of Homeschooling and produced the inspired and thoroughly delightful Field Guide to Homeschoolers. It’s a deliciously fun romp through the homeschool blogworld, with Dana’s witty insertions of ‘facts about homeschoolers,’ apparently from a bona fide field guide: “The homeschooler, elusive and quick, is one of the most difficult creatures to study. They do not survive well in captivity, and field studies to date have focused on small, easily observable populations.”

From there Dana skillfully weaves in all sorts of topics on homeschooling, from ‘standardized testing’ to ‘mean people’ to ‘when kids ask to go to public school.’ There’s a wonderful section on exploring a homeschooler’s ‘habitat and surroundings,’ an informative collection of ‘materials homeschoolers build their educational nests with,’ and plenty of good reading as Dana provides evidence that ‘There are few things homeschoolers enjoy more than telling you how much they love homeschooling.’

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