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Starting a Support Group

Chris Oldenburg shares her experiences with starting a homeschooling support group in her article for the July/August issue of Home Education Magazine, "Starting a Homeschool Group, and Surviving It."
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Maturation Into Industrial Institutions

A reader takes on public schools and socialization in the comments section at NewsComm: As public schools continue their maturation into industrial institutions primed by budget constraints to value efficiency of the teaching process over the breadth and depth of what students are learning, the arguments that put forth by members of the public...
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Alive and well

How is homeschooling going to survive the forces that push our lives around? Well, I came across a post this morning that reassures me homeschooling is alive and well. Here is a gem pulled from Don’t Go Hatin’ On The Homeschoolers: Most homeschoolers I know laugh at the “socialization” arguement. Because for the majority...
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