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Learning in the Community

It is worth noting this piece from the Grand Haven Tribune, Grand Haven Michigan. Check out the Editor’s Note. Congrats to the Wilcox sisters. And, ‘homeschool’ is even spelled without confusion! Kids of the Coast Guard BY CLAIRE AND LAUREN WILCOX Editors note: Spring Lake Township siblings Claire and Lauren Wilcox, 17 and 14,...
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J/A Issue: Questions & Answers

Laura Weldon's Questions & Answers column for the July/August issue of Home Education Magazine posed two questions, on the topics of 'Maintaining Your Coolness' and 'Homeschooling Dad Angst.'
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Teens – HEM Q&A

HEM’s Questions & Answers – July-August 2009 I’m begging for some advice from homeschool teens. How do you answer interrogations about why you don’t want to go to public school? And what answer do you give that gets them off your back while still maintaining your “coolness”? About HEM’s Questions & Answers
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