Rethink Everything Conference 2012

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There is so much to tell you about, but here is just a brief summary of what’s going on this year.  There is SO MUCH MORE so please visit the conference website to see it all. You have come to expect an extraordinary program and we are really stepping it up this year… incredible!


life on my terms . deep ecology

psychokinesis . Anastasia wisdom
love! . thriving by design
plant communication
alternatives to dentists  
child as guru . face reading
hogwarts. raising risk takers
unschooling & self design
community sustainability

channeling . sexuality
weston a price foundation
full time fathering  
from S.A.D. to Raw
awakening our dormant potential
sensual motherhood
new paradigm nutrition
barnraising .  talent show
joyous single parenting
zombie dance . kid village  
power shuffle . body casting
family vendor fair
consistency is for sissies
sensual feast
didgeridoo journey . love
big band jam . kid bazaar
lego room . foam weapons
unassisted birthing
henna tattoos . doll making
oh yeah, love.  did we say love?


You can register directly online this year, via phone or the old fashioned pdf.  You can pay via PayPal, Visa/MC or check.
You can pay in three installments.
We want you there… and you want to be there.  Make it happen!
You need the recharge, the growth, the vibrant and glorious feeling of being fully alive and in charge of your own life’s experience.
You want that for your kids and teens too… yeah, you do.

Also, don’t forget that our fabulous hotel, the Sheraton, is offering a
special deal this year:
  for families reserving two rooms, the second room is just $49 per night!

We also have several volunteer jobs left for those of you who like to be a part of the conference and save money on registration…
check them out!

I still have so much to tell you about and won’t get it all done before you last minute folks register, so be sure to check out the conference website for all the details on our talk and discussion sessions, activity sessions and special program for young adults!


Barb Lundgren


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“I just want to say what a great pleasure was
to be a part of this magnificent conference!
Back home now, everything that I left here seems a bit different, things and people don’t affect me in the same way that they used to. I would say that it’s like adjusting the focus of the projector that resides within me, when all of a sudden my vision became clear and the struggle to see what really is no longer exists.  What a great feeling.”

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