School and Sports

HEM’s Questions & Answers – November-December 2010

In and Out of School Because of Sports

“We’re giving in to our son’s appeals to get involved in school sports. He’ll be starting school for the first time as a seventh grader. I don’t know if this is a slippery slope, meaning the two younger boys will want to follow his example. I feel like the bottom is falling out. Anyone out there have kids in and out of school with advice for me?” -Kendra

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One Response to School and Sports

  1. ChristineMM on August 24, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    We looked for community sports leagues instead. So far this has meant serious travel sports teams for elementary and middle school grades, and sometimes light and easy game play through the community center in town (although our pickings for this are slim). One travel sport that one of my children does goes to age 18 (crew) but another (lacrosse) has no high school league. These travel teams are not always located out of our hometown, one is based 30 minutes away and the games can be up to an hour away, so it is not always convenient (but most of the kids on the teams are schooled kids who also endure that kind of travel to participate, school doesn’t give them enough so they are in that league also). Our sons are both involved in Cub and Boy Scouts so that takes their time, sports is not their one big focus. One child also plays guitar so there is a music interest too. However it is hard to juggle the Scouts with music with two travel teams with everything else they do, so they don’t do as many sports as they thought they’d like to as there just isn’t enough time.