Reader Responses: Q&A

In every issue of Home Education Magazine two questions of interest to homeschoolers are selected and posed to our readers, and in return our readers are invited to respond to these questions with their own experiences and wisdom. The questions are chosen and the answers are lightly edited, primarily for space and clarity, by Laura Grace Weldon, author of Free Range Learning: How Homeschooling Changes Everything (2010, Hohm Press). Questions in past issues have dealt with a broad range of situations facing homeschooling families, including selecting the right curriculum, or no curriculum at all; how to determine whether or not you’re suited for unschooling; what to do when a neighbor calls Child Protective Services; how to handle peer pressure; what to do when your kids are no longer homeschooling and many other problems and dilemmas. If you have a question to share, or if you’d like to help answer someone else’s questions, see Laura’s Reader Response column in every issue.

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