Higher Education? – Q&A March-April 2010

HEM’s Questions & Answers – March-April 2010

“I never thought I’d be homeschooling through high school, but here we are. My oldest is 16. I hear people talk about tests and college visits but I don’t know what steps to take when. At what age do we start? Any helpful hints?” -nervous mom

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4 Responses to Higher Education? – Q&A March-April 2010

  1. Malcolm Kirkpatrick on December 20, 2009 at 3:01 pm

    You have many options. Among these…
    1) Procrastinate; consider a community college for the first couple of years. Get required introductory required courses out of the way for cheap, then transfer.
    2) Take the SAT or ACT before 17 and get a one-year head start (supplement to #1).
    3) Take the GRE and skip college altogether (one homeschooler I know skipped high school and college, and got his MS (Math) before he turned 19).
    4) Enroll in the British National University or the University of Allahabad. These offer correspondence classes. Don;t go to college; make college come to you.

  2. tim Rider on January 8, 2010 at 9:55 am

    I want to ask, why are you homeschooling? if the public school is not good, then for goodness sakes, put the child in a provate achool
    home schooling is not the answer, I thought the picture on this website was cute
    I have yet to see a homeschool mom look like these ladies
    99% are fat, overwieght and control freaks, my ex home schooled
    and got into the sub culture, the results of homeshooling our children
    are playing out now, they cannot succeed in life as well as other pubild school kids as they
    are learnging lessons about life at ages 20- 25 that were learned
    in 5th and 6th grades,

    the real question is what resources do you have to compete with the
    public school system. the answer – you cannot, you will shelter your child(ren)
    from a real education. yes there are bumps in the road with public schools,
    I have yet to see a home schooler group even try to make
    a difference in the public school sector – get on the board and change it!

    Quit hiding behind the religous veil – do not hide a candle under a bushel

    make the change for your child and others,

    Homeschooling is a control process, that is used to shape your child into you –

    take a look at successful homeschool graduates – in your area, not stories about
    Ensiten, Edison and dead people of the past, ask graduates what are they doing
    how are they in college – most are telemarketing majors, target and walmare employees
    ask how many scholorships were give to home schoolers –

    consider your choice wisely – you cannot do this without outside tutors past 2nd grade!

  3. Jeanne on February 19, 2010 at 6:23 pm

    Dear Mr.Rider,
    You are so wrong that I do not even know where to start.I am sorry about your childrens experience though.Myself,I did atten public school and never missed one day of school.I witnessed fights,drug deals,attacks,weapons,put downs,the -I am so better than you cause of where we live or what I wear,there is no God,it is cool to be gay/lesbien ,ops patrolling the halls,teachers sleeping and I could go on.And I am from an upscale community.I have h/s ed my children nearly 17 years now and almost every h/ser I know has gone or is in college.Your facts are wrong.I do know that I would rather have my son/daughter happy working in Wal-Mart than waste all my money sending them to college if they are not interested/they have their whole lives to do college even internetC classes ect..My oldest wants to be a flight attendant so she can see the world -no college is needed for that-my 15 year old wants to be a mail carrier-no colege there either.So you see college isnt the only way.I think you should probably worry less about the homeschooling and more about your children obviously having to go through the trauma of a divorce could be what is causing their bad behavior or maybe your parenting stayle in general/who knows? But,if you are an educated person yourself you would know that you cant judge all people by the actions of a few.God Bless and good luck.

    • Mary Kash on February 26, 2010 at 11:24 am

      You have really diminished your own children here, maybe it is your lack of confidence in their abilities and your rash judgements which are the cause of your contention.What is so terrible about being an employee at Walmart? Their life accomplishments are not over yet, there is a whole life ahead of them. Some people do very well climbing the corporate ladders through places like Walmart. I guess it all depnds on your measure of success. How insulting is your naive and dim view of homeschooling parents. My children are all homeschooled and I an having my ninth child and I am not fat and so what if i were? Is that how you judge a human beings worth in society. Shame on you. Now lerts hear your faults…. overweight people exist everywhere. Some folks are very closeminded and of course maybe your closemindedness is the cause of your childrens percieve failure.