Sandra Dodd

Emily Subler explores the concept of unschooling with Sandra Dodd in this 1998 interview from HEM:

Emily: Unschooling may appear overwhelming to some people who misunderstand its fundamentals. Why do you think it’s difficult to understand the concept of unschooling and why are many folks aggressive in their attacks of its philosophy?

Sandra: People attack what they don’t understand. I stole that line from a movie. There’s a lot to be learned in movies.

Those who went to school (and that’s over 99% of those reading this) have based half their lives, give or take a decade, on school’s rhythm and labels and categorizations. When things like “the school year” are as much a part of a culture as “family” and “sunrise,” it’s a radical departure to consider that maybe one of those three is unnatural. For many people, it disturbs the fabric of their lives. Some people’s life-fabric is already kind of rumply, or they hated school and are glad to consider alternatives, but for those orderly folks who have life all neatly arranged in their heads, who do more accepting than questioning, unschooling is a disturbing thing.

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