Rededicated homeschooling

I find inspiration and encouragement by reading my fellow homeschoolers’ search for their own “personal conclusions.” There is a lot to think about in Rededicated homeschooling for all of us. A sample of the personal give and take:

Homeschooling isn’t perfect. There are areas where I feel we haven’t found our stride yet. I have weaknesses. They have weaknesses. We haven’t found the community we need. Sometimes I get push-back and bad attitude. Sometimes our spelling curriculum appears to have had no effect whatsoever. I don’t always know how to call out their gifts, whereas someone else might be able to. My parents loved me best, but sometimes others worked with me more effectively.

How will I prepare my children to live in the world? Our home is not a mirror of the world outside our walls. In theory, public school as it’s manifested up the street from us is a mild dilution of the “real world.” In theory, it could serve as an inoculation (yes, I do believe in vaccinations) — a small dose of independence, tried out under our supervision and care.

In theory. That’s the key word.

It’s interesting how much the virtues of public school are a matter of theory only. My actual memories, and, I find, many people’s actual experience, is unpleasant.

Links within the post also invite us to explore the evolution of thoughts about homeschooling. Worth the read.

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