Reasons to Homeschool

“We wanted a close family, and smart kids, but we also wanted to be not stressed. We wanted to have kids who were comfortable in the world around them, non-judgemental, and got along with people even if they weren’t perfect.” –Tammy Takahashi

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2 Responses to Reasons to Homeschool

  1. Amy Mallison-Austin on June 3, 2009 at 8:52 pm

    We made the decision to homeschool when our oldest son was not permitted to go to kindergarten because his birthday was two days after the deadline. Since that time, I have never looked back. We now have four kids of schooling age, and we have a toddler. Because we live in PA, we have to put a portfolio together with samples of the kids’ work. This is really hard for me, as I prefer a Socratic/unschooling sort of arrangement. We talk about everything and we find out about things that we have questions about. The kids are learning, but so am I. I love watching their little eyes light up when the understand something. In short, we homeschool because we love our kids and we love spending every day with them.

  2. M. Marie on June 6, 2009 at 12:59 pm

    I knew before my son was born I could not send him to the public school where we live.
    It has considerably low test scores and a 46% graduation rate.
    I could not afford a Catholic school and moving is just not happening right now.
    That began my research about home schooling. I met a mom who homeschooled her son all through high school and talked to her a lot about it.
    Soon after my son was born and I started reading to him and playing with him, I realized I was already teaching him, so homeschool might involve a little more and extra subjects, but I an confident that I can teach him better than the schools can.
    So far I know he is farther advanced than a couple cousins his age. I believe this is because I worked with him instead of sending him the the highest costing preschool around.
    We have to hear all the time about how little cousin is going to a very expensive academy next fall. Best of luck, I hope your the education is the best money can buy.
    I had a bad time of school I thought long ago I would not send my children to school. I did not think as a child that my kids would have to still learn, I just wasn’t going to make them go.
    Reality is, if I want intellegent kids I have to send them or better yet teach them. Clearly the choice is simple!