Public anti-learning

Sometimes the distinction between schooling and homeschooling are not always as jaw droppingly stark:

“Mommy, can I have this clock?” said the younger girl, who was around age 6. She was holding a children’s book with a built in analog clock for learning to tell time.

“No, that’s too old for you,” answered her mother.

I don’t know if the woman noticed my jaw drop and my brow furrow in confusion as I glanced at the little girl, but she may have.

“You don’t learn time-telling until the end of first grade,” the older girl informed her sister.

“Do I have to have a workbook?” asked the little girl.

“Yes!” answered her sister, obviously well-indoctrinated in school learning theory. “Otherwise you’ll forget everything over the summer.”

The perspective you gain by just being with kids can’t help but shows itself. The banner image to Crunchy Christian Mom’s blog says ‘being with kids’.

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One Response to Public anti-learning

  1. Susan on June 20, 2009 at 7:34 am

    I remember when I was a 1st grade mother helper in our local school when test week came up. It was always a stressful, crazy time in the classroom. (This was ~17 years ago.)
    One of the teachers (a great teacher) was in a panic because they’d slipped in ‘telling time’ to the 1st graders’ standardized tests. They hadn’t covered that yet. Most of the kids had no clue about analog clocks, unless their parents bucked the ‘system’ and satisfied the kids’ curiosity.
    Some great people are in the school system. But the differences in education are so very stark sometimes.

    It’s very difficult trying to explain that egregiousness.