Past Informing the Future

The HEM Classics feature for the March/April issue of Home Education Magazine is Classic Editorials from the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, a time in which homeschooling was not only exploding on the American scene, but was struggling with power plays and a blatant usurpation of the political strength and savvy of homeschooling families.

Homeschool Unity (Sept-Oct/89), Dividing Homeschoolers (May-June 1990), and Freedoms at Risk (May-June 1991) combine to present a historical perspective to the source of the pushback the homeschooling community is feeling today from academics, legislators, media and the general public. Quick excerpts from each article:

  • Homeschool Unity: “When one group claims the right to speak for homeschoolers by their supposedly superior numbers they alienate those who choose not to be identified with that group…”

  • Dividing Homeschoolers: “Homeschooling has become one of today’s most influential movements, not only in the area of education, but in related spheres of family and personal rights, right to privacy, freedom of belief, and other basic liberties.”
  • Freedoms at Risk: “Because of their commitment to action, homeschooling families have been the target of skillfully crafted attempts to focus their energy and to appropriate their political potential.”
  • These editorials also tie in with the Publisher’s Note on page three, and with Kate Brunner’s article, “Undoing the Harms of Homeschooling: From Reaction to Prevention.”

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