Our Decision to Homeschool

If you are wondering about how homeschooling is going to change your life read this post. Of course this is not some sort of road map, but it is an interesting look into one mother’s thinking after two years of homeschooling.

This was originally published in December of 2007, a few short months after we started homeschooling. I decided to drag it back out and update it. I hope you enjoy it. Updates are in blue, because blue is easier on the eyes, in my opinion.

4. Educational freedom. My children have the ability to change their course of study within the guidelines I have provided for them. For example, this year, we are studying biology. Throughout the year, we will study animals, the human body, and plant life. Within that framework, they are able to pick what they want to study. This is a major plus when it comes to motivation.

We don’t do school the way we did in December of 2007. In fact, we have pretty much changed everything we did (we still use the same math program). Now, my children have less say in what they study, but they are all much happier in what they are studying.

4B. Time to explore their own interests outside of school time. Since we changed the way we do things, my children are typically done with school by noon. This allows them to explore both the outside world, as well as explore ‘academic’ interests not being followed in their course of study.

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