Homeschooling and Family Life

With no particular place or project in mind I came across a reference to a highschool level course of study for a homeschooling family posted on the Daily Dish. The post titled The Varieties of High School Education quotes from A homeschooler’s bleg, which in and of itself is recognizable as a homeschooler’s exploration. But then the Dish author notes:

The post goes on like that. At the end, Alan asks for feedback and advice from readers, and the comments section includes some wonderful suggestions. The whole exchange makes me jealous of young Wes, and the education he is receiving. It is so obviously superior to my own academic experience in ninth through twelfth grade.

The Varieties of High School Education is worth reading. The comments in the original post, A homeschooler’s bleg, are worth skimming through.

What occurs to me as I read these posts and the comments is how ‘normal’ homeschooling is taken. Underlying this for me, is the realization that test scores and curriculum are not going to drive meaningful educational reform. Change will be driven by the easy way that family life can foster a love of learning.

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