Homeschool: The next generation

In my daily reading of articles about homeschooling the big lessons of how children learn are doing pretty well in the public opinion square.

This piece in the The Philadelphia Inquirer confirms. (It is also nice to see familiar names.)

Now, the children educated in the late-’80s homeschool swell are themselves the parents of preschool and school-age kids. And many are opting to carry on the family tradition; after all, they say, they are living proof that homeschoolers can not only function in society, but thrive.

While the lessons of learning are doing well, we have yet to win the argument on testing and assessment. This helps:

And when Bergson-Shilcock enrolled in college at Arcadia – with a portfolio instead of a traditional transcript and no SAT scores because she refused to take the test – “I felt like I had such an advantage over traditionally schooled people because I was used to owning my own education and managing my time.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer
Homeschool: The next generation

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