Homeschool News

GaitherBookWriter and researcher Milton Gaither, author of Homeschool: An American History, did a very interesting round-up piece on homeschool-related news articles and stories in his Sept. 28th post titled, appropriately, Current Events Round-Up. He summarizes at the end: “Being news items, these stories are of course sensationalistic and atypical, but they do remind us that homeschooling is a much more complicated and heterogeneous thing than many people realize. A country music legend chooses homeschooling for her children. A Gothardite becomes a Christ-hating murderer. A homeschooling mother gets certified and teaches at the public high school where her daughters excel. A couple of goth homeschoolers are murdered by their own rhetorical ideals. Homeschooling is as varied and unpredictable as life itself.”

Gaither repeats his round-up approach with this week’s post. He sums up: “As I said last week, these stories once again illustrate the breadth of experiences going by the name homeschooling. The families chronicled in The Economist have long been the most common type, but they are joined by child athletes, actors, and even troublemakers and fugitives.”

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