Curing Scope and Sequence Syndrome

If you are lost in that confusing gap between a schoolish sense of the “right way” and the flexibility that homeschooling offers Curing Scope and Sequence Syndrome is worth a read.

The Critical Question

And so I reevaluated. I asked myself a pointed question:

Why am I homeschooling?

When I answered that question, I finally found my direction.

Why am I homeschooling? I want to prepare my children to be competent and independent adults, fully capable of being a productive member of society. I want them to know what they believe, but especially why they believe it.

I discovered I don’t need to rely on a generic scope and sequence to tell me what I need to teach my kids. My children don’t necessarily need to have a specific skill learned by 1st or 7th grade if my goal is to prepare them to be an adult?

When I stepped back and looked at this big picture, things were incredibly simplified.

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