Alive and well

How is homeschooling going to survive the forces that push our lives around? Well, I came across a post this morning that reassures me homeschooling is alive and well. Here is a gem pulled from Don’t Go Hatin’ On The Homeschoolers:

Most homeschoolers I know laugh at the “socialization” arguement. Because for the majority of homeschoolers (and many of us know each other and network and co-op) it just doesn’t hold water.
Perhaps, like me, they too are sick and tired of the images that the media paints. The wrong, generalizations of good, sacrificial, hard-working, loving parents who happen to believe that home-schooling will be best for them and their family.
None of us will ever be perfect parents, no matter what education we choose for our children. There isn’t now and never will be a perfect education. We will never make perfect decisions regarding our children.

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