Interview with Laura Weldon

Our long-time HEM “Questions and Answers” columnist, Laura Grace Weldon, is the author of Free Range Learning: How Homeschooling Changes Everything. She shares research on how we all learn, ways we can connect with others, ideas for helping to create a nurturing community for our children, and insights from homeschoolers around the world.

Mary Nix interviewed Laura about homeschooling and began by asking what inspired her to write the book, and Laura replied: “There are plenty of answers to that question but I’ll share one. Homeschooling (like parenting itself) is a learning process. Whether we’re well-planned schedulers or relaxed unschoolers, information others share with us can make a difference us as we introduce our wonderfully unique children to the world around us. I offer Free Range Learning as part of that process.”

Continue reading Mary’s interview with Laura from the Nov-Dec issue of Home Education Magazine, and subscribe today and save $16.00 on a two-year subscription for yourself, a friend, or how about a gift subscription for your local public library?

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