Interview: Pat Farenga

Pat Farenga

Helen Hegener interviewed Patrick Farenga in 1997. Patrick had worked at Holt Associates since 1981, the year John Holt’s landmark book on homeschooling, Teach Your Own, was first published. He started off as a volunteer, packing books, answering phones, filling subscriptions, and typing up John Holt’s correspondence off tapes he dictated. Patrick became president of Holt Associates Inc. and the publisher of Growing Without Schooling with Holt’s death in 1985. Patrick has since written and edited several books, and has made contributions to many books by other writers. After a brief introduction the interview begins: “I’d like to start out by talking about John Holt. Can you tell us something about the man behind Growing Without Schooling?”

Patrick: “Essentially, to me, John was a quiet, passionate man, who learned to trust what he observed rather than what others told him was occurring. He had a gentle sense of humor that he displayed often.”

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