Interview: David Albert

The September/October issue of Home Education Magazine marks the 10th anniversary of David Albert’s wonderful My Word! column. For our July/August issue, Mary Nix interviewed David Albert and he shared his thoughts on homeschooling, when and how his family decided to homeschool, what he feels he’s learned from his children, what he considers to be the biggest challenges facing a new homeschooler, and many other questions, as well as telling about his current projects and three new books!

“I view school as the alternative. No civilization in the history of the world before ours subjected virtually all young people ages 5-18, and who had not previously been convicted of any crime other than being young, to compulsory imprisonment in cellblocks populated by individuals of the same chronological age, deprived them of basic human rights (even the right to go to the bathroom!), and imposed autocratic rule in the workhouse, and bureaucratic control beyond it in determining what activities and routines they would be compelled to undertake. Whenever I think of public education, I imagine a cross between an enforced 13-year-long session of Simon Says and the movie Cool Hand Luke. This may be a stage in the evolution of human endeavor, but it is surely one I would have been happy to have missed, and certainly not one worthy of my voluntary involvement.”

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