HOMESCHOOL CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT – Sponsored by Bridgeway Homeschool Academy

Attention Homeschoolers! Now is your chance to showcase your volunteer efforts, inspire other homeschoolers to give back and win $500!

“Homeschool Students Give Back”
Promote the cause and get a chance to win $500 for your organization for Christmas.

Custom_banner_1349700282Our “Homeschoolers Give Back” video contest is a great opportunity to show the imprint that homeschooling families are leaving throughout our country and around the world. If you are serving as a volunteer or have put together your own ministry, please take a moment to share your story! Best of all, if selected as the winner, we will donate $500 to your organization this Christmas.


Record a 1-2 minute video promoting your cause. Showcase the volunteer work that you do, and briefly highlight the organization’s mission. Talk about why community service is important to you, and how homeschooling has allowed you to give back to the community. You must be currently actively volunteering for an organization.

Submission – Enter Contest

You can upload via Facebook or YouTube to submit your “Homeschool Students Give Back” video entry between now and November 16th. You must either have a Facebook or YouTube account to upload your video.

For questions, email


Vote for your favorite Homeschool Students Give Back video from November 17th through November 30th. 3 finalists will be chosen from the public voting. From those 3 finalists, 1 winner will be decided by a panel of Bridgeway judges. The winner will be announced during the first week of December.


The winner will be awarded $500 for their cause and they and their video will be featured in the Bridgeway Academy Christmas email greeting and the HEM Network website – Home Education Magazine. Winning entries will be verified and fact-checked before awards are conferred.

Student Showcase Video

A Student Showcase Video entitled ‘Season of Giving’ will be created from the uploaded entries who are verified homeschooling students and will feature content from some or all videos uploaded to the contest. Content chosen to be added into this video will be included at the discretion of Bridgeway Academy staff.

Terms and Conditions

  • By entering this contest you agree to granting unrestricted rights of use to Bridgeway for the purposes of promotion and publicity.
  • Bridgeway is not responsible for any liability or consequence associated with actions or events portrayed in the videos or that may occur as a result of contestant entries being made public.
  • Winning entries will be verified and fact-checked before awards are conferred.

Any videos deemed to be inappropriate or contrary to the mission and vision of Bridgeway Homeschool Academy will not be considered.