Yes to Parental Rights, No to Constitutional Amendment

In their July-August 2009 Taking Charge Column, Larry and Susan Kaseman address threats to our parental rights and responsibilities.

Yes to Parental Rights, No to Constitutional Amendment

As citizens, we need to be alert for threats to our rights and responsibilities, whether these threats come from the government or other organizations or both. Our rights and responsibilities as parents are no exception. Threats to parental rights are coming from two major sources.

One is the push for greater involvement of government and professionals in the lives, health, upbringing, and education of children from birth to age five. This push from both Republican and Democratic politicians and administrations, professionals in early childhood education and health, professional organizations, and business has been going on for decades. It sends strong messages: parents are not capable of raising and educating their own young children, screenings and professional intervention are necessary, and it’s a good idea to remove young children from the love and security of their families and institutionalize them. We can counter this threat by taking responsibility for our own families, knowing what our rights are, and exercising them. Details are in the second part of this column.

Another threat to parental rights is the push for a parental rights amendment to the US Constitution, which is discussed first.

Read the entire Taking Charge Column.

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