Pennsylvania Legal Challenge

From the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Tribune-Review, August 20, 2009:

A Murrysville couple, long at odds with the Franklin Regional School District over the home-schooling of their now-grown children, filed a lawsuit in Westmoreland County Wednesday seeking a ruling to overturn laws that give public school districts the right to oversee home education. The lawsuit was pursued a year after the federal courts ordered six families in Pennsylvania to file their challenges in state court.

In Common Pleas Court documents filed yesterday, one of those six families, Dr. Mark Newborn and his wife, Maryalice, want a local judge to find that the state lacks jurisdiction to require parents who home-school their children to submit documentation about their curriculum and to place limits on religious education. The Newborns contend government authorities such as school districts should not be permitted to restrict and closely monitor what is taught in the home.

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