User Friendly Homeschooling Records

For both new and experienced homeschoolers, questions arise such as: Should we keep records, and if so, how? Is record keeping worth the time and the effort it requires? Can records increase our children’s self-confidence and our family’s confidence in homeschooling? Will keeping records make our home more like a conventional school than we want it to be? Will they interfere with our children’s freedom to explore the world and pursue their interests? Should we keep records just in case we are contacted by school officials demanding proof that our homeschooling is going well and our children are learning? What records should we show to local school officials and/or the state?

Homeschooling records serve two separate and very different purposes. One purpose is to meet the personal needs of our own individual and unique family. Personal records show how homeschooling is working for our family. They help us learn to trust our children and ourselves and offer reassurance and perspective when we have doubts.

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