Is Homeschooling Political?

Homeschooling is unavoidably political. The term “political” is used here not to suggest that homeschooling is a partisan issue to be identified as either Democratic or Republican or a key topic for local, state, and national elections. It is not to say that homeschoolers represent a large percent of the electorate.

Instead, homeschooling is political for several reasons. First, government regulation of homeschooling has a strong impact on the daily lives of homeschooling families. If our homeschooled children are required to take standardized tests, they have to study the material on the tests to do well. If we are required to submit our curriculum to school officials for review and approval, we must have a curriculum that public school people can understand, something similar to what public schools use. If regulation of homeschools increased, our daily lives would be more strongly controlled by the state.

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