Homeschooling Records

Homeschooling records serve two separate and very different purposes. One is to meet our family’s personal needs and wishes. Personal records include whatever we want to remember. They show how homeschooling is working for our family, help us learn to trust our children and ourselves, offer reassurance and perspective when we have doubts, and provide raw material when we need or want to create credentials.

Second, some of us also need to submit records to someone outside our family. Laws in our state may require that homeschoolers report to the state at regular intervals. Or our homeschool may come under investigation by social services or some other agency, although this is very rare. Or we may be involved in a custody dispute.

Although there may be some overlap, basically we need different records for these two purposes. Records we keep for our own personal use are likely to be inappropriate for public officials, and records we keep for official use are unlikely to be all our family wants to have.

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