Homeschoolers’ Role In Opposing Labeling & Drugging Kids

There is wide and growing recognition that terms such as ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) are highly subjective and can be and have been very destructive to children and their families. Using drugs to treat such children often causes more damage. However, these labels and drugs continue to be used and often promoted by classroom teachers, people who conduct preschool and kindergarten screenings, university researchers, professionals at specialized clinics designed to treat ADHD, and drug companies, all of whom are making large profits from doing so. As homeschoolers, we can play a key role in educating people about this unnecessary tragedy and reducing the number of children and their families who are affected. This column presents basic background information. It explains why homeschoolers are in such a good position to take action and suggests what we can do to minimize the damage done by labeling and drugging children.

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