Truancy & Curfews

“Many of us grew up in communities with Truant Officers – the men and women in charge of assuring that all children were in school each day. The Truant Officer in our town made regular early morning visits to the bowling alley, the doughnut shop and other teen “hang-outs,” then made his way out into the community, checking on unexcused absences and kids turned in by friends and neighbors.

My community also had a curfew: kids under 18 were not supposed to be on the streets after 10 pm on weekdays, midnight on weekends. White middle class kids were seldom cited for violating these laws, and by the early 1970’s curfew laws and the Truant Officer had all but disappeared from the scene. But a publication from the federal government this past summer has brought back the notion that law enforcement and schools should work hand-in-hand to combat truancy. It recommends creating tough new policies to deal with children and young people who, under compulsory attendance laws, should be in school.”

Continue reading Truancy, Curfews and Our Response, by Janie Levine Hellyer, from the Jan/Feb, 1997 issue of Home Education Magazine.

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