Salon: Homeschool Confessions

salonSalon, the award-winning online news and entertainment Web site, starts the week out with a classy, accurate, well-written feature article on homeschooling: Confessions of a home-schooler, by Salon Senior Editor Andrew O’Hehir. With the pullquote: “Call us crackpots, but our kids spend their days at beaches and museums, not in school,” it’s the first in a series:

Sept. 28, 2009 | It’s a Sunday night at the tail end of summer, and I’ve dragged two squawky kids out of the minivan and into a half-closed rest stop on the Garden State Parkway in search of non-dreadful dinner options. Leslie, their mother, is catching some precious zone-out time in the car. After we sit down with our unadorned burger and fries, I notice the woman at the next table, the one who’s making eye contact and smiling.

“Are they twins?” she asks. “How wonderful!” Then she talks to Nini and Desmond: “Wow, you guys are 5. So big! Are you starting kindergarten soon?”

Here’s where the fun starts.

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2 Responses to Salon: Homeschool Confessions

  1. Helen on September 28, 2009 at 5:47 am

    One of my favorite lines from the article: “As for the “why” question: We’re not ready to surrender our kids, and ourselves, to a 10-month-a-year, all-day institution whose primary goal, at least at this age, seems to be teaching kids how to function within a 10-month-a-year, all-day institution.”

  2. Vosh on September 30, 2009 at 10:55 am

    Wow. That’s a lot of responses there at the salon site; and what a study in the psychology of hs’ing nay sayers! Some people are so amazingly lost that it just makes you feel helpless… It’s so obvious some folks just resent anyone who isn’t doing what everyone else is doing.