No. Carolina: Homeschool Coops

NoCarolinaIn the October 5 Asheville, North Carolina Citizen-Times, writer Ashley Wilson’s article, Home-schoolers turn to co-ops, is subtitled There’s nothing lonely about learning at home.

After some standard fare about homeschooled kids dissecting owl pellets, staining woodworking projects and drawing pictures, the writer reveals that “support groups, organizations, sports teams, clubs and cooperatives for home-schoolers are popping up throughout the region.”

She adds: “Many home-schooling parents said that as this alternative education form has grown in the region, the number of resources available for their children has gotten overwhelming.”

It’s a good article, ending with some interesting statements relating to the revisited initial question: “Some parents are afraid that the explosion of co-ops, clubs and activities for home-schooled children can take away from what home schooling is supposed to be about: learning in the home.”

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