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JMBachOn his blog titled How I Learn Stuff, James Marcus Bach, author of Secrets of a Buccaneer Scholar, wrote an interesting analysis of the recent Rethinking Education conference:

“I did a couple of talks about being a high school dropout surrounded by college grads. These went over very well, much better than I expected, actually. Being a technical guy in a non-technical environment, I worried that I’d come across as an alien life form. Apparently that was not a problem.”

James’ book is excerpted at The Daily Beast, a news reporting and opinion website:

In Secrets of a Buccaneer-Scholar, James Marcus Bach reveals how he became a wunderkind Apple engineer with only an eighth-grade education.

I Am a Buccaneer-Scholar

I am a thinker with the temperament of a buccaneer. A buccaneer-scholar is anyone whose love of learning is not muzzled, yoked, or shackled by any institution or authority; whose mind is driven to wander and find its own voice and place in the world. For two decades, this has been the way I understand myself. I use the metaphor of buccaneering not just for learning but also to deal with the emotional battles within myself and the intellectual battles I sometimes fight with other people. It helps me feel better about being an outsider. Whenever I meet people who think for themselves, I see them as fellow buccaneers.

James argues against the title of the book excerpt at his blog:

“…they embellished my record, and I need to set it straight. First, they called me a genius…”

It’s a good read. And so is the excerpt. And so is everything he writes.

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