Judgment Recovery

In response to comments from last weeks ‘Confessions of a home-schooler‘, by Salon.com senior editor Andrew O’Hehir, Lisa Belkin responds with ‘Parents Judging Parents of Home-Schoolers‘ and I especially like her closing statements.

I think O’Hehir hits on one of the reasons — there is nothing more important than raising children, and therefore nothing that makes us more uncertain. When you are wondering if you are wrong, then you sometimes have to dig in and insist you are right, if only to convince yourself.

True, there are things that ARE wrong — parents who are abusive, approaches that simply don’t work. But more often there are things that are different, or that we form opinions about without all the facts, or that we tsk tsk over to reassure ourselves that we would never do THAT.

I’ve done it. I’ll wager you’ve surely done it. O’Hehir gives us a moment to pause, and think, and try to do it a little less.

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