Homeschoolers Perform

The Play's the ThingIn the upcoming January-February 2010 issue, Sandra S. Gaffigan relates the experience of a group of Maryland moms sponsoring a drama class and theater production for homeschoolers.

Sandra writes, “The goal of Stagelight is to help the kids carry their success into other areas of their lives, to help them become comfortable in their own skin.” Watch for the “The Play’s the Thing” and learn how they pulled off a show that “grows” the students and puts everyone’s talents to use.

Other homeschoolers perform:

Area Teens Come Together For EVERYTHING IS NOT ENOUGH

Thirteen teenagers, from six local schools and two home school groups, have come together to perform Sandra Fenichel Asher’s full-length play, “Everything Is Not Enough”. The show will be performed at the Newnan Community Theatre Company on 1st Avenue in downtown Newnan.


Auditions for this show were held in late September and were open to all teenagers who were enrolled in middle school or high school.

Starring in the role of Michael is Kyle Hersey. Hersey, along with CameRon Clark, are part of the Veritas homeschool group. Kelsey Gentry portrays Linda. Gentry is a member of the Eluminatus homeschool group. Representing Newnan High School is Levi Morgan (Buddy). Northgate High is represented by Mark Kirsch (Macelroy). Four East Coweta High School students are in the play. They are Sara Pierson (Traci), Jake Azarowicz (Pete), Alex Ferguson (Pop), and Kristin Owens (Interviewer).

And dance:

Contra dance back from near-extinction – Marta Hepler Drahos, Traverse City Record Eagle

Back in its heyday, the Bayside Travellers Country Dance Society drew scores of people to its contra dances, mostly baby boomers and back-to-the-landers.

For a time, the group’s popularity continued strong. But as the boomers began to age and their children showed little interest in following in their footsteps, it looked to some as if the group might eventually fizzle out and die.

Now Bayside is enjoying a revival, thanks to outreach efforts — in schools and to other dance groups — and to a wholly unexpected source of new blood: “It’s homeschool kids almost unanimously,” said Colin Hoekje, 17, who grew up with the Travellers by virtue of mom Pat Hoekje, one of a handful of original members. “As a group they decided it’s a fun thing to do.”

Longtime Bayside dancer and sound technician Dave Goodwin said the rise in youth attendance began about four or five years ago with homeschool students leading the charge. But charter school students, Interlochen students, Glen Lake students and Northwestern Michigan College students — many of them graduates of dance instructor-advocate Mykl Werth’s swing lessons — also are among the vanguard of traditional American country dance.

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