Homeschool Proms

An article in today’s Chicago Tribune, Home-Schooled Teens Get Prom of Their Own, highlights the event’s “…chance to dance, look dashing, meet peers…” and amongst the typical quotes and statistics was this gem of a quote from Lois Kanter, 17, who called the prom “a magical moment that harkened me back to when I was a little girl always dreaming about being a princess.”

Homeschool proms have been covered in Home Education Magazine many times, such as this excellent response to a question about the prom and ‘other fun stuff” from Carol Narigon:

“The prom is one of those great American myths that make us feel good about kids and schools. Sure, the prom is fun for some kids. But not for all kids.”

Retired News & Commentary editor Valerie Bonham Moon wrote about homeschool proms at length:

An article about a ‘first homeschool prom’ popped up in the news alerts. My homeschool-kneejerk reaction to ‘the prom question’ was a grumpy ’so what?’ because what is the big deal? — homeschooled kids are able to dance as well as anyone, for crying out loud, and they don’t need a ‘prom’ to do it at. (and yes, that’s a preposition at the end) My inner curmudgeon also groused about how, if homeschooling becomes indistinguishable from schooling in its external trappings, the powers-that-be could declare homeschooling culturally indistinct from any other mainstream form of education.

“Then I took a deep breath, went for a short walk (to get a chocolate chip cookie), and had a think about it.”

Also retired, News & Commentary editor Ann Lahrson Fisher shared some wise advice about homeschool proms in a piece titled ‘It’s Prom Time!’:

“The Homeschoolers Prom is here to stay, not as a wannabe school thing, but as a rite of passage that teens enjoy.”

Just so.

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One Response to Homeschool Proms

  1. Patricia on May 19, 2011 at 10:47 am

    I think that homeschool proms are great! Going to my homeschool prom was one of the most fun things I did in my life!
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