Homeschool Classics

3booksBetsy Wald, the branch manager at the Hilton Branch Library in Maplewood, New York, put together a syllabus of recommended reading for people who teach their children at home, or are considering doing so. She writes:

“The following homeschooling ‘classics’ are recommended for everyone — regardless of educational philosophy –- both for questioning assumptions and reminding ourselves that living is learning, everywhere and all the time.

“Most importantly, they can bring us down to earth by reminding us that children learn best through example and experience, and that all of us can make everyday tasks into family learning adventures.

Among the classic homeschooling titles Betsy describes and recommends are How Children Learn and How Children Fail, by the late John Holt; Family Matters: Why Homeschooling Makes Sense by David Guterson; Better Late than Early by Raymond S. Moore and Dorothy N. Moore; and Real-Life Homeschooling by Rhonda Barfield. You can read Betsy’s commentary on these books at the link above.

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