Hey, Teachers, Leave Us Kids Alone!

londonAn article in the London, England Times Online, evoking the wording of a classic rock anthem in its title, “Hey, teachers, leave us kids alone,” highlights homeschoolers in London protesting against tighter restrictions on homeschooling. The Badman Report, published earlier this year, suggests the compulsory regulation of home education, an area of life where, previously, there had been no regulation at all.

After a lengthy muse about his own home education, the author gets down to the situation at hand: “Until this summer’s government report by Graham Badman, [home-educating parents] could educate at home with impunity, unhampered by officialdom. They didn’t need to tell anyone they were doing it, or how they were doing it. When asked what they teach, the standard line is that this is dictated by the child and that being unconfined by a curriculum is both flexible and inspiring.

“Badman recommends compulsory registration for home educators with the local authority (about 20,000 children are registered at present) and that parents specify their educational plans for their child a year ahead. Local authorities should provide access to the national examination system and sports facilities, and representatives who have been suitably trained should be able to visit homes where children are being educated.”

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