Government Regulation of Homeschooling

Scales of JusticeAs the English government threatens to increase regulation of homeschooling, and as homeschoolers in Alaska find their long-proven homeschooling law questioned by the media, an article at finding Dulcinea, the “Librarian of the Internet”, poses the question: How Much Should Government Regulate Home Schooling?

Governments in Europe and the U.S. have had difficulty finding the right balance that gives parents the freedom to educate their children as they see fit, but also protects children from abuse or neglect. Homeschooling advocates in England are prepared to challenge proposed regulations that require homeschooled children to be registered with local officials. The English government is also considering regulations that would dictate what subjects parents must teach their children, and require an inspection of home schools.

In the U.S., homeschooling regulations vary widely from state to state. Alaska, for example, has virtually no oversight of homeschooling; parents do not even have to notify the state officials that their children are being homeschooled. New York, which has some of the strictest laws, requires that parents teach a wide range of subjects (including substance abuse and traffic safety) and file quarterly reports to ensure that progress is being made. Furthermore, if the student scores in the bottom third of a standardized test, the state has the right to force the student into public school.

All states allow parents to homeschool their children, but that privilege was nearly taken away last year in California, where parents have been allowed to homeschool their children by filing as a private school and enrolling only their children.

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