Comments on Homeschooled Kids

homeschoolingworksIn an opinion piece for the Holland, Michigan Sentinel-News, Jennie Woehl offers commentary about an unfavorable piece which had earlier appeared in the paper, noting “I am stunned with the antipathy Boyce has toward home-schooling and would like to present a unique perspective that I have on home-schooled children.” Jennie continues:

“As a family nurse practitioner, I see children and teens of all schooling types. I have been impressed with a number of the public and privately schooled kids and have enjoyed my interactions with them, particularly those who are able to put away their phones, refrain from text-messaging, turn off the iPods and look me in the eye when speaking. That said, it is the home-schooled kids who routinely interact well with me. They are engaging and friendly, confident and respectful. They are well-socialized to their siblings, their peers and, amazingly, to adults. It is the home-schooled child who consistently looks me in the eye and rattles off the projects she is working on, his favorite subject or the musical instrument she’s practicing. They are goal-oriented, enthusiastic and hard-working. Their parents are actively involved in their lives, and that involvement shows.”

Read the rest of Jennie’s good commentary at the link above.

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